He’s Taking Us to Heaven…Therefore We Believe!

Self-proclaimed evangelical Christians have it backwards.  They say, “We believe…therefore He is taking us to heaven.”  They thus violate their own doctrine of God’s grace, making it as if God was taking us to heaven on account of the merit of our faith.  As a result, they think that only they are going to heaven.

The reality is the opposite:  “He is taking us to heaven…therefore we believe.”  That is, our faith is in the reality of His goodness.  Our faith does not produce His goodness; rather, it recognizes it.  Everyone is going to heaven, and therefore we should believe it.

Once you know that everyone is going to heaven, you can live a life of wholehearted repentance toward God!

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church or any other group.

2 Replies to “He’s Taking Us to Heaven…Therefore We Believe!”

    1. It looks like a long video. If you’ll summarize what it says, I will respond to that.

      Without watching it, I can say this: to the degree that what the Quran says about Jesus is consistent with what the four gospels say about Him, then I am happy to hear it. However, to the degree that the Quran contradicts the gospels, I must side with the gospels, for they were written by Jesus’ contemporaries who shed their blood to make Him known while the Quran was written over 500 years after the fact and far removed from the scene.

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