Everyone Has the Spirit of God

Because every human being is a child of God, every person has the Holy Spirit dwelling inside them.  The Holy Spirit is the eternal inheritance of the children of God.

“Spirit” is invisible, so you can’t see the Holy Spirit.  In fact, you can’t contact Him with any of your five physical senses.  You know His thoughts inside you.  You sense them spiritually.  The more you pay attention to Him, the greater His presence in you grows.  Rather, the greater your awareness of His presence in you grows.

“Holy” is sanctified, set apart for God.  It implies purity because you cannot be dirty and be set apart for God.  Therefore, His presence with you means that you are set apart for God’s purpose.

Recognize and remember that the Holy Spirit belongs to everyone, not just you.  Every person you meet has the ability to hear God through the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, every person has the possibility of showing Divine inspiration in word and deed.  Repent of thinking that others can’t speak for God. 

Just because people can speak for God, however, does not mean that they always do.  Therefore, be discerning.  Distinguish the wheat from the chaff.  Always be prepared to acknowledge the truth of God regardless of its source. 

If you believe that everyone has the Holy Spirit, you will treat them with higher regard.  And that is just what God wants!

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church or any other group.

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  1. Interesting . . . but I have a question.

    If everyone is a child of God
    Why did Jesus say to some “You are of your father, the devil” in John 8:44?
    And why does Paul say that God has “delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and placed us into the kingdom of His Son”? Colossians 1:13

    1. Regarding Jesus in John 8:44, He was exhorting His listeners to repent. They claimed to be children of Abraham and God, and were, but were acting like the devil. If you’ve ever raised children you know that even though they are always your children, they don’t always act like your children. When they don’t, you love them by telling them the hard truth and exhorting them to repent.

      Regarding Paul in Colossians 1:13, Paul was speaking to the church in the days before the kingdom of God came. In those days, only the church was in Christ; but once the kingdom came, the whole world was in Christ. If you’d like elaboration, see any of these posts:

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      The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now
      Seeking the Kingdom of God Instead of Church

  2. Yes we can all hear God, otherwise nobody would hear when God calls them to turn from their wicked ways. Mike is right, in what he says above. Many are of their father the devil, and have no intention of repentance. They prefer their evil lives, and they hate the very idea of God. They prefer the voice of their father the devil, Satan. God’s spirit is NOT within them. They have a human spirit which is totally different. Unless they are born from above, their human spirit is alien to God. It is unholy!

    Nowhere do we find it said that we are ALL children of God. Jesus would never have told Nicodemus that he MUST be born from above (ie.via the Spirit of God) if it was not necessary.

    We are all a physical man but we also have a human, spirit man, within -right from when we are first born to our earthly parents. (A body without the spirit is dead.) With our physical body we interrelate with the world, with our spirit body we interrelate with the realm of the spirit, ie. the heavens, the angels, demons and God. Even when we are unregenerate ungodly rebellious people, God is always calling us via our spirit man to come to him. We can be stubborn and stay on our own journey, or we can soften our hearts and respond to God’s love.

    The kingdom of God has ALWAYS existed. When John the Baptist preached that it was nigh, he was preaching about its proximity, to this world. Some might call it like a parallel dimension. Religious unbelief had put it at great distance because of the false preaching of the Pharisees.
    This is why Jesus said “woe unto you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites, YOU SHUT UP THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN to men, you neither enter yourselves, and you make sure that those who are trying are prevented from entering…..”.
    If the kingdom of heaven was not always freely available to searching people at that date, then the accusation is plain nonsense. His accusation demonstrates that the kingdom of heaven was always available to the humble, but that false teachers can close the door. This is not about blocking heaven after we are dead, nobody can do that. However religious teaching can close down our experience of God’s reign in our lives on earth.

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