Finding God in Yourself

Do you know that God is in you?  He has been in and with you your whole life.  He dwells in your innermost being – your conscience.  The more you have paid attention to conscience in your life, the more you have paid attention to Him.

Our hearts can be occupied with many more thoughts and feelings that those produced by conscience.  For this reason, the voice of conscience can be lost in the din of a noisy heart.

Quiet your heart in order to hear God.  Recognize Him in  your kinder and nobler thoughts and intentions.  Acknowledging God’s presence with you and His voice inside you is the foundation of a strong relationship with Him.

Yes, you have sinned but those sins came as a result of ignoring His voice inside you.  He will forgive you those transgressions if you will simply acknowledge them and turn away from them. 

If you do not believe God is inside you, you will struggle in your relationship with God.  However, if you believe He speaks, then you will hear Him speak.  And if you do whatever He says, then His blessings will be bestowed on you.  Continually obey God’s voice and His blessings will continually be bestowed.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church or any other group.

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