Listen to Your Conscience Constantly

Do you only consult your conscience at times when you think you face a moral dilemma?  If so, you are missing out on most of its value to you.

This is a moral universe, and humanity was established as having authority over all things in the earth – living and otherwise – precisely because of our moral capacity.  This moral capacity derives its strength through our relationship with God which is achieved through conscience.

All of life is to be lived morally.  Everything we choose to do is a moral issue: going to work, getting married, having children, raising children, and so on.  If we don’t do these things for moral reasons then we are doing them to satisfy our pleasures or fears.  Pursuing things for pleasure or from fear does not bring the blessing of God.  By tending to conscience, we can do all things for love’s sake – which is the way Jesus did things.

Jesus Christ is the source of your conscience.  Were you to listen to it constantly and obey it fully, trusting Him to be its tuning fork, you would be conformed to His image.

Start consulting your conscience about everything you do.  You’ll be surprised at how much more useful it is than you ever thought.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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