Morality Matters Most

Morality is the governing principle of the universe and therefore of your life.  Right and wrong matters.  And it matters not just in outward actions, but in our thoughts as well. 

Most people lead and judge their own lives in terms of success and failure, gains and losses, even profit and loss.  These things do not matter to God.  What He cares about are the choices you make between right and wrong, between selflessness and selfishness. 

If you want to be truly happy in life you will need to take morality much more seriously than you have been.  Repent of everything that is immoral or amoral in your life – and watch how much better you begin to feel. 

You can’t always succeed, you can’t always gain, you can’t always get what you want – but you can always do the right thing in God’s sight, and, therefore, you can always be peaceful and happy.

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