The Greatest Generation?

The generation that overcame the Depression and won World War II has come to be called by many “the Greatest Generation.”  Indeed, their accomplishments are noteworthy and we, their successors, owe them homage.  It is right and appropriate that we honor them, for we have benefited greatly from their sacrifices and achievements.

There is, however, an even greater generation to whom we owe even more honor and thanks.  It is the generation that we read about in the New Testament, and who, in fact, produced the New Testament.  This is the generation of human beings who sacrificed everything that they had, and everything that they were, to testify to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  Without them, how would we know that God’s love had come into the world and lived as one of us? 

The apostles and those who believed in them suffered enormously in order to convey to us the truth of what they saw and heard.  Unlike our “greatest generation” they were not heralded by the world at large either during or after their efforts.  There were no parades for them in Jerusalem or Rome.  In fact, all the thanks they received were persecution, suffering, and martyrdom. 

The truly greatest generation has received some accolades on earth since their passing, but only God comforted them while they lived.  He was all the comfort they wanted or needed.  May we have a relationship with God like theirs.

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