Religion Is Man-Made and Futile

There has only been one God-given religion in the world and it is obsolete.  Both God and those to whom He gave this religion have abandoned it.  It was the system of worship, including animal sacrifice, which was ordered by Moses and practiced at its height in Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.

That system foreshadowed the sacrifice Jesus Christ would make of Himself for our sins.  Once Jesus was crucified and resurrected, therefore, that system was no longer needed.  Since the destruction of Jerusalem’s temple in 70 A.D. even the Jews have not practiced it.  Even today, with Jews having been restored to Palestine for half a century, there is no movement to return to this religion.  If God Himself shows no interest in returning to the only religion He ever gave the world, why should humans want to return to it?

Even so, man-made religions abound in the world today.  None are able to help humanity with its biggest problem:  sin.  Only Jesus Christ, the world’s risen Lord and Savior, can give the power to overcome sin – and He does not have a religion (in the conventional sense of the word) that anyone can practice.  If you would please Him, pray and do His will.  His will does not include any of the religious practices you see performed in His name.  His will consists of doing good to others.

Jesus does not offer religion – He offers a relationship with Himself.  And this relationship will make you a loving person.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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