What Is Right Is Always a Function of Relationship

We know that God wants us to do what is right – all day long, every day. 

As we seek the right things to do in life, it is valuable to remember that the right thing to do in any situation is always a function of relationship.  That is, right and wrong are not sterile, scientific, antiseptic concepts.  They are not centered and contained within ourselves.  They are not devoid of connection with other living beings.  Rather, what is right can always be defined as what is the loving thing to do toward God or other people. 

It was right for Jesus Christ to die on the cross not because there is something inherently virtuous in dying by crucifixion.  On the contrary, it’s an awful thing.  It was right because that is what the lawful authorities decided to do with Him, and He wanted to demonstrate to the whole world that He loved us in spite of any injustice we, as society and individuals, might inflict on Him.  Therefore, for Him to demonstrate God’s love – the purpose for which He’d come to earth – He needed to submit to crucifixion.

Think about right and wrong in your own life.  It’s all about deciding the level of responsibility you have toward another person in God’s eyes.  You have more responsibilities toward your wife (or husband) than you do toward other women (or men).  You have responsibilities to your children that you do not have toward all children.  Our conscience is given for weighing our various responsibilities and formulating courses of action to fulfill our duties in God’s sight.

If you cannot define the right thing to do in terms of a benefit that will accrue to God or a human being, then you are not thinking about it rightly.

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