Faith Does Not Make God Do Things for Us

It’s not as though faith makes God do things for us.  Rather, it is that faith gives us the eyes to see what God has done for us.  This is an important distinction.

If you think that faith is what makes God do things, then you are forever trying to work up your faith to get Him to act.  The reality is that God has promised us everything we need in life (though not everything our lust can demand) and we simply need faith to see its provision.

God’s promises cover every aspect of life on this planet and He is continually making provision for every single person.  At any given point in time, when a person turns to the Lord, that person can then begin to see what the Lord has provided.  It was there all along.  Faith  just opened his eyes.

Your relationship with God will grow, as will your faith, as you recognize that His provision is only hidden from those who will not open their eyes.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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