Where Is Your Refuge?

Where is your refuge – the game room?  a golf course?  the dance floor?  a bottle?  your home?  the television?  the outdoors?

People have all sorts of refuges.  Some are more benign than others.  God would have it, however, that He Himself was our personal refuge.  That is, in all the varying circumstances of life, we should always find rest in our relationship with Jesus, the assurance of His constant presence and loving care.  This refuge transcends time, location, and circumstance.

If God is not your refuge, ask yourself why.  That is, why would you not want God to be your refuge?  The usual reason is that we are clinging to thought patterns or behaviors that we know are wrong.  Or we are afraid He will take from us something that we like.  He would never take from us something that is good for us.  Therefore, this is an irrational fear.  Because of Jesus, we can forsake irrational fears.  Whatever changes He wants to make in our lives will be for our good.

Rest now – and always – in Jesus, our Refuge.  Remember that He is not the refuge for Christians only, but for all mankind.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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One Reply to “Where Is Your Refuge?”

  1. Maximum score for this posting, Mike. 🙂

    When my days are dark without any glimpse of Him, I may ask Him, “When will you come home to me?” God knows there’s no other place on earth I’d rather be than always at home with Him. For there’s so much more that meets the eye than a lesser world below the sky! When I set my sights on Him, my heart can’t rest until it feels Him again.

    To me, the following total context is still a mystery, since only there – deep under the ground of our heart the perfect remedy can be found: the rest at ultimate ecstasy in Him…

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