Whose Approval Matters to You?

If God’s approval matters most to you, then you will be able to live with disapproval from people.

Some people think that they can please God and everyone else, too.  Jesus made it clear that this is not possible.  If His life wouldn’t please all people, then no one else’s will either. 

If you are going to live for God then you have to be prepared for displeasure from others.  You won’t always be able to predict precisely who will disapprove of you when you start living for God.  Sometimes you will be surprised. 

Sometimes the members of your own family will fight you hardest when you begin making your decisions the way God wants you to make them.  You have to be prepared to forgive them for opposing you.  If not, you will lose your peace and begin to criticize when you are criticized, revile when you are reviled, and otherwise reciprocate the negative attention you receive.  This is doubly unfortunate because you will not only have descended to the level of your critics, you will in the process have forfeited your approval from God – the very goal that started you down this path!

Repent and be determined that God’s approval is all that matters to you.  Once you make this determination, you will come to realize how often in the past you have been seeking the approval of people without always realizing it.  This change of course in your life will be striking to you.  For one thing, you will find that genuine peace will begin to replace the underlying sense of unease that you had generally been feeling.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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