Knowing the Will of God

Do you want to know the will of God?  Actually, you already know it.  The will of God is revealed in His commandments.

It would be strange if God willed one thing but then commanded another.  If He didn’t care what happened on the earth, He wouldn’t give any commandment at all.  But He does care what happens on earth and He has therefore given us commandments.  Those commandments are that we love: Him, and everyone else.  If we then go to Him and say, “But, God, what is your will?”  He will wonder what is wrong with us.  The whole reason that He revealed His will in the form of commandments is so that we would have no doubt about what His will is.

Let us repent of foolish doubts about the will of God for our lives.  Let us stop wondering what the will of God is and start doing it.  If we are doing it the best we know how, He will show us more particulars.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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