Your Heavenly Father Knows That You Need These Things

Jesus told us that we did not have to pray about our material needs because our Heavenly Father knows that we need such things.  Instead, we should focus on honoring the Father’s name and seeking His kingdom of righteous living.

Jesus could say these things so definitively because He knew that He was going to die for our sins, and be raised from the dead back to heaven – the very place from which He had come before He was a human being.  That is, Jesus knew He was going to be our heavenly Father.  He knew that we would need material things because He was God and had created us in the first place.  But He also came to know firsthand what it was like to need material things because He lived as a human being for over thirty years, experiencing all the limitations that such an existence brings.  He had to eat.  He had to have clothes.  He had to have a place to spend the night.  He is not a God who only knows about such things as the designer of creation, He knows them also from personal experience.

Whenever in prayer you are tempted to worry about the material things which Jesus said should give us no worry, remember Him.  Remember Him who lived righteously.  Remember Him who sought the kingdom of God.  Remember how heaven cared for Him.  Remember that He never did without.  Remember that when He did not even have enough to feed His own disciples, the generosity of God turned it into a feast for five thousand people. 

Your heavenly Father knows, in a far more intimate way that we would ever have imagined, that “we need these things.”  Live each day looking not for the bread which fills the belly, but for the bread of doing His will.  This is the legacy of Jesus Christ, our Father in heaven.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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