In Pursuit of Moral Excellence

Where is the person who wants to be a better person in the sight of God?  God knows.

Where is the person who is not interested in impressing others with his spirituality, but would like God to notice?  God knows.

Where is the person whose supreme interest each and every day is to think every thought and make every decision in a way that brings pleasure to His Creator?  God knows.

The first person who completely fulfilled this description was Jesus of Nazareth.  Because He did live His life this way, many more human beings would follow.  What about you? 

God is not interested in religion, church, ritual, or any such thing.  He is interested in your living in right relationship with Him, and with the people around you.  He wants husbands to love wives and wives to love husbands.  He wants everyone to be kind and generous with everyone else, because this is the way He Himself is.

You cannot live this way accidentally.  You have to choose the pursuit of moral excellence as a lifestyle.  The only other person with whom you can travel this path is Jesus Himself.  He’s the only person who can get you to the destination.  Let each day you live with Him be a step further into the moral excellence that is His nature, for the pursuit of moral excellence is the pursuit of God.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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