Practice Faith; Don’t Talk About It

You have heard about Jesus Christ.  You want to trust Him?  Then trust Him.  Do not feel that you must go tell a bunch of people that you have trusted Him.  This leads to deception, even self-deception.

Many people today who hear the story of Jesus Christ are told that once they believe, they should tell others.  When people do this, faith becomes something that is talked about instead of practiced.  Faith was never meant to be talked about.  It was meant to be lived.

When you go to a church and tell everyone that you’ve trusted Jesus, they will affirm you.  What good did that do?  If you believe God, let Him affirm you.  He is willing.  If you can’t trust in His affirmation, how can you say you have faith in Him?

We are to be unashamed in talking about God with others, but that is different from talking about our faith in God.  The subject of the former is God; the subject of the latter is us.  Let us glorify God and not ourselves.  In fact, let us talk about Jesus Christ and His goodness more and more and more.  But let us talk less about ourselves, and less about what we think our status with Him might be.

If you have faith in God, have it in God.  If you want a relationship with God, have it with God.  If you want your faith to grow, live according to the faith you have and the faith you have will grow.  If you do not live according to the faith you have, the faith you have will be lost to you.  “For to him who has shall more be given, but to him who does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.”

Churchgoers have a reputation for faith, but how much true faith do you see from them?  Practice your faith!  That’s the only way to have it.  Talking about faith is not practicing it, no matter how much church people seem to think otherwise.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.


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