Why Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross?

I can’t answer this question definitively and exhaustively, but I can say this: it seems to reveal both the depth of our depravity as sinners and the depth of God’s love as our Creator.

The depth of our depravity can certainly be seen in the torture that is death by crucifixion.  Death by such a means is painful to even contemplate.  Moreover, it was perpetrated on an innocent man.  Even more astounding than this, it was an innocent man sent by God.  How depraved we must be as human beings if we could perform such violence on such goodness and innocence!

Then there is the depth of God’s love.  Could we be as sure of the extent of God’s love if He had not allowed Himself to be so tortured and killed?  Had He died a more painless death, would we still have had questions about the depth of His love for us?  It is indeed as if God chose the most painful way He could be rejected in that time of humanity’s history so that we could know beyond the shadow of any doubt how much He loves us.  If He could forgive that, He could forgive anything.

Let us repent of our unbelief in God’s great love for us.  The cross of Golgotha was the place where the worst of man was met with the best of God.  And the best of God triumphed…to the benefit of man.

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