Clean Living Is of Practical Value in This Life

The prophets and apostles who wrote the Scriptures stressed constantly the importance of being faithful to God and avoiding sin.  They did not do so for esoteric or religious reasons.  They did so for practical, common-sense reasons. 

The wrath of God comes to earth in response to sin.  It is God’s judgment on sin.  The ultimate wrath is death, but wrath comes in many forms that, in spite of falling short of the ultimate, are still altogether unpleasant.  These include disease, calamity, natural disaster, famine, and much more.  Were there no sin in the earth, none of these bad things would be here either.  Therefore, Scriptures’ warnings are for the pragmatic purpose of helping us to avoid trouble in this life.

The salvation given by Jesus Christ includes deliverance from the wrath of God – as long as we walk in the light He is giving us.  If we walk according to the truth that He has made us to know, He is able to keep us from harm – even harm that is close to us.  Jesus Himself was the perfect example of this.  He had several close encounters with death but could never be killed.  Only when it was time for Him to be crucified did He relinquish the protection God would have given Him from it. 

Life is difficult enough when you’re living for God.  Why make things worse by ignoring His commandments?  Keep growing your relationship with God by talking to Him in your heart at all times, asking for His help to live righteously.  I urge you as I urge myself: live clean for God.  It is not just the best thing you can do for Him; it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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