Abstain from Evil

Do you want a sophisticated, nuanced strategy for dealing with evil?  Forget it!  The only response to evil is to avoid it, to turn away from it, to abstain from every form of it.

Our problem is that we’ve grown tolerant of evil in its smaller doses.  We only want to be rid of it when it comes to us in sizes we can’t manage.  Therefore, we decry murder but indulge in hatred of others in our heart.  We lament divorce, but we don’t think enough caring thoughts about our spouses.  We condemn sexual promiscuity among the rich and famous, but indulge lustful thoughts in our own hearts.  We are far too tolerant of evil!

Evil is like leaven in a lump of dough.  It leavens the whole lump, not just part.  Train your senses to be much more sensitive to good and evil in their earlier stages of growth.  Then turn away from evil in every form in which you find it. 

I am talking about the evil you find in your own heart – for temptation comes to all of us.  Do not worry about the temptations of another.  Keep yourself free from sin; then…and only then, you might be able to help your neighbor.  Repent today of tolerating small doses of evil in your heart.  Let us purify ourselves and live for God.  Society will only improve as we individually improve.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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