If You Don’t Love Your Wife, Love Her Anyway

Love is an act of will.  One of the most common lies of modern society is that love is an emotion or attitude of mind that comes to us or leaves us independent of our own choices.  On the basis of this lie, couples split because at least one spouse no longer “loves” the other.  While it may be true that one spouse no longer loves the other, it’s not as if the unloving spouse is helpless in such a situation…or that the “love” that has departed is justification for breaking a marriage.  On the contrary, the unloving spouse needs to become loving once again (or perhaps truly loving for the very first time). 

God says to husbands, “If you don’t love your wife, love her anyway.”  God says to wives, “If you don’t love your husband, love him anyway.”  He gives us the power to love the unlovely by loving us every one of us in the first place.  Do you think God loves you because you acted so loving toward Him first?  On the contrary, you took Him for granted, abused His kindness, and neglected to thank Him for the many favors He shows you.  It is in this context that He loves you and died an excruciating death for you.  How can you then say that since you have a loveless marriage you must walk away from your spouse?  If your marriage is loveless, supply it with more love.  If you ever find an occasion where you are giving 100% and your spouse is giving 0%, recognize that this is the reality with which God deals most of the time with most of us.   

If love is not an act of will then the Lord could never have loved us.  Ignore the lie that love is a feeling and repent of your selfishness and hardened heart.  Don’t take any of my word for this, however.  Ask the Lord yourself:  “Lord, do you want us to love the unlovely?”

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