The Overriding Concern of the New Testament

The overriding concern of the New Testament authors (that is, the apostles of Jesus Christ) was the behavior of their readers.  That is, the apostles wanted their disciples to be living righteously.  This is because they all knew that “the day of the Lord” was coming – a day in which people would be judged even for the secrets of their hearts. 

We live in that day which the apostles and their disciples were anticipating.  Therefore, it is all the more important for us to be concerned with the righteousness of our behavior.  Through Jesus Christ, God gives us the ability to live holy in this day.  By trusting Him, and looking to Him as the reason for our existence, we can overcome temptation and sin.  By living with Him in this way, we can be protected from the wrath of God which falls all around us. 

Churches today do not have this same concern for righteousness.  They are concerned about attendance, offerings, and church growth.  Therefore, if you depend on them as your source of salvation, you will not receive the Lord’s salvation.  Look directly to Him.  Yes, look directly to Him whom you cannot see, for He can see you.  Seek to make every thought that takes up residence in your mind one of which He would approve.  His overriding concern is that you be delivered from all evil in this world.

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