Who Gets Your Best?

Ever try to impress the boss?  How about a first date?  We all know what’s it’s like to try to make a good impression.  We usually do it with people we don’t know well because we’re pretty much a blank slate with them.  Make positive impressions and that’s all they’ll have to judge us on.  As far as people who are already familiar with us, well, they don’t say “familiarity breeds contempt” for nothing.

What kind of effort are you giving God today?  Did you know that He’s looking for your best and will be disappointed with anything less?  He knows what you’re capable of when you put your mind to something.  If you gave 100% to making a great career for yourself, He doesn’t want to see you serving Him tepidly. 

Like any loving parent, God responds to effort.  That is, you don’t have to do everything perfectly to satisfy Him, but if you do everything for Him with the utmost effort, He will certainly be happy. 

Many of us have been serving God, but with less than a whole heart. 

Think of the time in your life when you gave the greatest effort, the most of yourself, to a specific goal.  It doesn’t matter what the goal was.  What matters is that you bring to your remembrance the totality of effort you brought to that cause.  Now, give that same level of effort to God today in your service to Him.  Repent of any lackadaisical or lukewarm behavior. 

So serve God today that when you lay your head down on the pillow tonight, you can tell Him that you gave it your all.  Only He will already know.  And the blessing He brings to your soul in that moment will make you determined to give even more effort tomorrow.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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