Obedience Is the Means to Blessing

Jesus Christ did not come to bless us in spite of the way we act.  He came to bless us by giving us the power to alter the way we act.

The overriding concern of the apostles in the New Testament was that the disciples they had made for the Lord would obey Him.  They knew that Jesus had led a holy life.  He had made clear to them that this was the source of His power with God, the source also of His joy and peace.

Many people today ask God for His blessings seemingly without any comprehension of the fact that He will bless us by turning us from our wicked ways.  What are our wicked ways, you ask?  We’re selfish, petty, envious, prone to anger, unforgiving, judgmental, stingy, and worse.  We will harbor all sort of unsavory thoughts in our minds thinking that no one can see.  Yet God sees! 

If we want God’s blessings then we should want also to be turned from our evil thinking, and speaking, and acting.  Jesus Christ came to make us like Himself.  As He succeeds in this endeavor, the blessings come.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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