The Depersonalization of Life

Modern man has misused science to depersonalize all of life.  Ancient man indeed was subject to superstitions which can be refuted by science.  Yet modern man has taken this too far and removed not just superstition, but also the truth of a personal God from all of creation.  As a result, children today are taught about a world governed by laws with no Lawgiver.  Instead of seeing such laws as faithful responses of a rational Creator, they see no person of God in them at all.

A depersonalized world is an unpleasant place to live.  At best, it is antiseptic and empty of the spiritual nourishment that comes from knowing about a loving Creator.  At worst, it is a cauldron of temptation and sin that brings forth every evil consequence conceivable to man – and some inconceivable.

We must “repersonalize” our world.  We must recognize that life is a relationship with God.  Let me say that again: life is a relationship with God.  If there is no active relationship with God, there is no life.  There is only existence.  

Acknowledge God in all your ways.  Let the “respersonalization” of your life fill you with joy and peace.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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