The God of Your Conscience

Your conscience is of inestimable value to you. It is your lifeline to your Creator. He has placed within your conscience the knowledge of His will. It is as if He has coded His laws into the DNA of your internal moral barometer. The imprint of His commandments is in woven into the fiber of your innermost being.

When you rely on conscience, you are listening to God. When you pray, you are tuning your conscience.  When you subsequently obey your conscience, you are acting on the answer to your prayer.

Some people give so little heed or care to their consciences, that they can barely hear a peep out of them. Yet God can restore a weakened conscience. Jesus Christ was raised from the dead so that we might have an advocate in the heavenly court of appeals. Our appeal is for a good conscience in order that we might turn from our selfishness and live entirely for His appr0val.

Recover full contact with your conscience. Let it guide you all day long – not just at those rare times you consider a moral crisis. Life is moral. Make all your decisions morally. Your relationship with God is limited only by the degree of interest you have in hearing and obeying His voice that emanates from your conscience.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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