Jesus Paved a Way

God wanted us to be able to live with Him and for Him.  Because of sin, we had no practical way to do this.  God took upon Himself the responsibility of showing us how it could be done.

God chose to enter human life and live it as we do.  That is, He was conceived, lived for nine months in the womb of His mother, and then was born just as we all are.  He lived a quiet life as the son of carpenter, taking up the trade Himself.  At approximately age 30, He began a public ministry that would make His life famous throughout history.  Even for all eternity to come, people will be studying it. 

This life that God lived among us is the way He paved for us.  That is, He gave us a life we could imitate.  He left an example that we should walk in His steps.  This does not mean that we should each seek to become an itinerant Jewish rabbi in Galilee.  It means we serve those around us as He served those around Him.  It means we live a life of selfless love for God and neighbor.  It can be done.  He proved it. 

The way He made for us is not a rocky path; it is a paved highway.  Moreover, He does not ask you to walk it alone – He will walk it again with you.  Your relationship with God means that He will be with you every step of this way.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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