Self-Righteousness versus Righteousness

There is a world of difference between being self-righteous and being righteous.  God wants all of us to be righteous; He wants none of us to be self-righteous.  Thus, these two similar sounding words are mutually exclusive.  If one of the words describes you, the other can’t.

A self-righteous person seeks to justify himself in human eyes (his own and others’).  A self-righteous person is smug, arrogant, and unpleasant to be around.  A self-righteous person has an active conscience, but it is almost always focused outward – judging other people.  A self-righteous person may be self-satisfied, but never truly happy.  Self-righteous people are lonely, because no one wants to be close to such a person – not even God.  That’s not to say that God doesn’t love such a person – of course, He does.  God just can’t enjoy and collaborate in life with such a person.

A truly righteous person, by contrast, is humble.  A righteous person is not trying to impress others, or even himself, but rather, God.  That is, a righteous person has his mind set on pleasing his Creator all day long.  When a righteous person sins, He repents quickly…and makes amends where possible.  When a righteous person sees another person sin, he has a merciful attitude.  If he sees opportunity to show the sinner a better way, he does so gently, looking to himself lest he, too, be tempted.  Most of all, a righteous person walks with God.  That is, he keeps aware of the omnipresence of his Maker and values His friendship above all other human relationships.

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