Your Conscience Is Calling You

Your conscience is calling you, though sometimes it is hard to hear.  This can be because you have been suppressing it.  People suppress their conscience when it tells them something they do not want to hear.  Your conscience can also be hard to hear if its voice is obscured by other voices in your heart clamoring for attention, “What about your career?  What about financial security?  What about your popularity?”   Fears compete with conscience for attention in your heart.

The voice of conscience is a relatively quiet voice.  It is more like whisperings.  If you want to hear it, you must give energy to the effort. 

Once you do clearly hear the voice of conscience, you must act upon it.  Often, the voice of conscience will sound impractical to the worldly mind.  You will think, “I can’t act on that; I’d lose out.”  What you could lose varies: a deal, a job, a boyfriend, money, and so on.  What’s common is that when your conscience tells you to do something, other voices will tell you that conscience’s advice is a losing proposition.  If you give in to those competing thoughts, the voice of conscience will then become harder to hear in the future.  If, however, you act in spite of your fears and do the right thing, the voice of your conscience will grow stronger and you will receive a sense of honor and peace from God whom you have obeyed.

Doing the right thing often seems costly to the worldly mind.  But to those who have learned its value from experience, following conscience is the surest path to the blessing of God. 

God Himself has given you your conscience.  Moreover, God has come to us as the Lord Jesus Christ to heal our consciences and keep them pure.   

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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