God Is Between You and the Other Person

God is everywhere and He loves everyone.  He doesn’t play favorites.  Therefore, whenever you are interacting with other people, recognize that He is in your midst.

How would you act with another person or a group of people if Jesus were physically present?  Then you should go ahead and act that way because He is present spiritually.  “Spiritually” just means that you can’t see Him; it doesn’t mean that He’s not there.  He’s just as present as if He was appearing physically.

You probably wouldn’t yell at someone if Jesus were physically present, therefore don’t do it ever because He’s always spiritually present.  If the other person is doing you wrong, you should continue doing what is right.  This is what Jesus taught us.  In fact, in the economy of Jesus, it’s better to be wronged because He promises to make up for whatever wrongs are done to us.  I recognize that this may be counterintuitive to you but it is true nonetheless.  We overwhelmingly conquer through every negative thing that comes our way.

It may take time to build up the habit of thought that Jesus is fully present throughout all the universe, and therefore in the midst of whatever human interactions you have.  Nonetheless, if you will build this awareness into your thinking it will give the power to live righteously before Him.  You’ll always want to please Him, and His immediate presence will give you the strength to do the right thing – even when you think it might be difficult.  Just never lose faith in His presence in the midst of you and whoever else is with you and it won’t matter what the other person does.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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  1. You said, “Just never lose faith in His presence in the midst of you and whoever else is with you and it won’t matter what the other person does.”

    Honestly, Mike, I have often lost my faith in the past, but I also received new faith as a gift from God, When I am doubting (also often), I know that He is somehow digging my doubts out, so that I can see them clearly, and then He washes them completely away. And suddenly, there is faith though before was none. It’s still a miracle for me.

    And even though I didn’t make it through, Jesus was always there for me…We can lose our way and our faith but we can’t lose Him because He is everywhere like a shadow following us…

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