Playing for the Next Shot

In billiards and golf, and other games as well, you don’t just think about the shot you are about to make – you also think about how you are going to be positioned afterward, for the shot that comes next. That is, you play for the next shot.

As you are taking your shot at this life, have you been thinking about how you’ll be positioned for your shot in the next one?  That is, as you live this life on earth, are you thinking about how you are going to live the next one in heaven?

Do you think that how we live this life has nothing to do with what happens in the next one?  Let me assure you that what we do on earth has a great deal to do with what we’ll do in heaven.  It is true that we are all going to heaven (for more, see Everyone Is Going to Heaven).  Therefore, no matter how poorly you do here you will get there.  However, your starting point there will be determined by what you accomplished here.

As for your accomplishments here, God will not be measuring you by the world’s measurements.  He will not care how many awards you have won, or how much money you had, or how many friends speak well of you, or how popular you were.  Rather, He will care about whether you helped the poor, fed the hungry, nursed the sick, clothed the naked, and things like this.  Many of us who are first here will be last there, and many who are last here will be first there. 

There will be no controversies about our placement in heaven.  There’s one Judge, and no one will second guess Him.  If you’re not sure about how things will turn out for you there, repent now.  Spend the rest of your life making amends for how you’ve lived up to this point.  There’s still time, and there’s much to be gained.  Live godly.

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