Have you ever heard someone speak kindly to their boss and then harshly to a subordinate?  How about you – have you ever been considerate to someone important to your interests but curt with someone else who had no means to be of any help to you?  This type of kindness is superficial and doesn’t really qualify to be called kindness.  There’s a lot of it in our world today.  When human behavior only consists of either harshness or superficial kindness, it does indeed become a cruel world.

Kindness that flows from the deepest place in the human heart is what God would have us show to everyone with whom we deal.  People should not have to achieve a certain status with us before we are kind to them.  If this was the way God operated, none of us would see much kindness from Him.  Instead He showers us with uncounted kindnesses all day long – most of which we never even thank Him for.

When we do wrong in life and God doesn’t judge us right away for it, that’s God’s kindness giving us time to repent.  Eventually, that time can run out and judgment can come…but God was giving us chances to escape. 

You probably know how good it feels to be kind.  I’m not talking now about the receiving end but rather the giving end.  It just feels especially good to be on the sending end of kindness.  If you will lean on God through Jesus Christ every day, He will increase your kindness quotient.  He will enable you to be kind even when the other person doesn’t deserve it.

God is kind to all.  He wants us to be like Him.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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