Selfishness is what we’re to grow out of.  Selflessness is what we’re to grow into.  As always, Jesus is our guide…and our ultimate destination.

Selflessness is another word for love.  Love does not seek its own.  That is, a loving person does not seek what’s in his own interests but only what’s in the interests of others around him.  This may sound like people-pleasing but the two concepts have nothing to do with each other.  People-pleasing seeks to do what other people want with the goal of achieving their approval.  Love seeks to do what other people need with the goal of achieving God’s approval.  Loving people can therefore be very displeasing to them (people were displeased enough with Jesus to crucify Him).  Whether our love pleases people or displeases them, we should still love them.

True selflessness is a rewarding lifestyle.  It can only be achieved through God because that’s who looks out for your needs in this process.  True selflessness therefore is only the most enlightened form of self-interest.  Because you know that God loves you and will take care of all that you need, you can afford to devote your attention to helping other people get ahead. 

Ask Jesus today (and every day) how you can stop worrying about yourself and instead help others get ahead.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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