We’re born into the world in a completely self-centered state.  At birth, we’re only beginning to even be aware of others, much less their needs.  Unfortunately, some people live their entire lives and never outgrow this attitude.

You need inspiration and direction in order to outgrow selfishness.  Most people find this, to varying degrees, in their parents.  Yet parents can only take you so far.  For one thing, they’re done with you after two decades and you still have a lot of living to do after that.

Jesus Christ is able to draw us out of self-centered living.  He is able to make us aware of the needs of others.  He is also able to supply us everything we need to be generous to others.  He demonstrated, by coming to earth and dying for our sins, that selfishness is not God’s way.  God had a good life.  No one forced Him to give it up for our sakes.  Yet He did.  And because He was unwilling to be selfish, we, too, can resist that urge.

Pray to Him now and ask Him to change your selfish heart.  Ask only for today.  You’ll have to do the same thing tomorrow.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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