Greed is a sneaky vice.  It creeps up on us, and infects our thinking in ways we are slow to realize.

Some people think greed is a sin of which only the rich are capable.  If you don’t consider yourself rich, this is a very convenient lie.  The truth is that we can be greedy even when we don’t think we have much at all.  In fact, greed can be the very reason that we don’t think we have much at all, for greed always has its eye on more and never thinks it has enough.

Greed is indeed never satisfied.  Therefore, it is a curse to us because it deprives us of satisfaction when often we could have it. 

The antidote to greed, of course, is generosity.  Our great example of generosity is Jesus Christ Himself.  He gave His life for the whole world.  That is, He gave all of Himself.  God was in Christ, giving His very own self to a needy world.  Ask Him to help you look for subtle forms of greed in your own thinking.  You’ll be surprised at the number of places it can show up.  Repent at the slightest speck of greed, because it’s toxic even in small doses.

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