Honesty is a very attractive human virtue, but we notice it more when it’s absent than when it’s present.  When it’s present we tend to take it for granted, but when it’s absent we feel betrayed.  And well we should.  Dishonesty has a very corrosive effect on society. 

How honest are you?  At what point are you willing to stop being honest?  Some people are honest as long as it doesn’t negatively impact their self-interest. 

Jesus demonstrates for us how a truly honest man lives…and dies.  In His case, He told the truth…and He was killed for it.  He paid the ultimate price to retain His honesty.  Being honest all the time won’t usually cost us our lives, but it might cost us a few dollars.  Do you give a full-day’s work to your employer, or do you take excessive time for personal affairs?  When you sell something, are you forthright about its condition – or do you feel that it’s the buyer’s responsibility to find out anything that’s wrong? 

We’ve been talking about your dealings with others, but what about with yourself?  Are you honest with yourself?  Even in the questions you’ve answered above, have you been truly honest with yourself in your answers?

Jesus Christ, our invisible God, stands present with you now and always to shine the light of His eyes on your soul to help you in your pursuit of soul-searching honesty.  Through trust in Him, you can be completely honest with yourself…and with others.  You can stop “cutting corners.”  You can stop “looking the other way.”  You can achieve a new level of honesty that will leave you feeling cleaner in heart day by day.

Jesus was so honest that one of His names was “The Truth.”  So live your life before Him that He would say the same thing about you from this day forward. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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