The God You Have Been Trying to Serve

There is a God you have been trying to serve – off and on – your entire life.  You prayed to Him when you were a small child.  You spent less time thinking about Him when you were a teenager.  As an adult, you’ve tried to be a good person but it’s not like that has been your primary ambition.  The God you have been trying to serve wants it to be your primary ambition.

One of the reasons you’ve used to justify your lackluster devotion to God is that it doesn’t really seem lackluster to you in light of what most other people do.  That is your biggest problem.  You have calibrated your devotion to God based on what you think other people are doing.  In the first place, you can’t be confident of what other people are doing in their hearts – you’re in no position to judge.  Secondly, even if your assessment of their spirituality is correct, what does that have to do with your relationship with God?

The reason you do not have peace in your heart is not that others are not living up to what you think God expects of them; the reason is that you are not living up to what you know He expects of you.  If you will repent, and begin living up to your best before God, you will enter into a phase of life that is warm and comforting in soul.  If not, you are doomed to the lackluster and sluggish soul you have known in the past.  Choose this day to serve Him to the very best of your ability.  He is with you always.

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