The World Needs a King

The world is a mess.  If you’re in doubt, check the news.

We need someone to restore order and decency to the place.  Fortunately, there is someone who can do that.  Jesus Christ is His name.

Even more fortunately, He is indeed reigning as King over the entire universe at this very moment.  Why then all these problems?  People are ignoring and disobeying this King.  The problems of the world do not stem from a lack of heavenly leadership, but rather from a lack of earthly obedience.

So, we seem to have a stalemate.  Jesus Christ the King has issued commands and the human race, as a general rule, ignores those commands to its own demise.  What can break this stalemate?  One thing:  you can choose to stop ignoring and to obey.  That’s right.  You do not need anyone else to acknowledge and obey King Jesus in order for you to acknowledge and obey Him.  You might not think that it will make much of a difference if just one more person obeys Him today – but you’d be surprised. 

For one thing, if you obey this King day after day your life will change…slowly, but dramatically.  In fact, should you pursue this course long enough your inner life will be no more dominated by the ills of the world than Jesus’ was.  Secondly, your life change will have an impact on those around you – inducing some of them to make the same choice you have made.

How do you know what this King wants from you?  You know.  You’ve always known what God wants from you, though you’ve often suppressed that knowledge in order to pursue your own desires.  Let go of what you fear and what you want.  Live according to the selfless love with which God has loved you.

Yes, the world needs a king…but your world needs a king even more.

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