The New Covenant Is Everyone’s

Jesus Christ did even more than live a sinless life and rise from the dead.  He accomplished a work in heaven which forever altered the way that life works. 

Through His work, God is committed to every human being – including you – in covenant relationship.  God has placed at your disposal all His resources.  You will still be judged when you sin, but His covenant includes the ability for you to be forgiven, to make amends, and to mend your life. 

You do not have to make a public declaration of faith in God before He will be this committed to you.  He is already this committed to you.  He gives you the direction and support to make the right decisions and do the right things each day – one day at a time.  Under God’s original covenant with humanity, we “fell asleep” when we died.  Under God’s new covenant through Jesus Christ, however, we go to heaven when we die.  If He is willing to take you to heaven when you die, how much more will He be willing to help you live righteously today!

He has already been at work in your life.  You may or may not have recognized that.  Even if you have recognized it, you might find that His hand is sometimes easier to discern than at other times.  The very fact that you want to do the right thing is proof that He has worked in you already and also proof that you are worthy of this work.  He is infatuated with those human beings who love to think about and do what is morally right day after day.

You qualified for your covenant with God by virtue of belonging to the human race.  You do not have to be a Christian, say a prayer, or do anything else to qualify.  Now that you know you have this covenant, however, it would be understandable if you were to thank Him…and praise Him to others as you have occasion.  He is everywhere, so He’ll notice it…and appreciate it.

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