Convert Your Fears to Love and Trust

Every fear you have can be converted into an issue of love for, and trust in, your God.

Jesus Christ, the God of all humanity, knows the exact number of hairs on your head.  He deems you more valuable than any animal.  He created you, and He has sustained you throughout your life.  He is going to take you to heaven as soon as you die.  With a God like that on your side, what is there to be afraid of?  Every fear you have is an opportunity to trust Him instead.

Sometimes our faith is not strong enough to exchange our fear for trust.  In those times we must act out of love for Him.  Love is even stronger than faith.  If we love Him sufficiently, we will look past every obstacle and trust Him.

Therefore, when fears multiply, recognize that these are just more opportunities to trust Him.  Every specific fear can be translated into a specific point of trust.  However strong fear has been in you, that’s how strong faith can be in you.

Just be sure to remember love.  It will give faith any nudge that it needs.  Perfect love casts out fear.

2 Replies to “Convert Your Fears to Love and Trust”

  1. Nobody can replace true love and faith, which are both given to us as a mere spiritual gift from our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Therefore, let Him be the One to lead us to a wonderland where one can have faith [“wonderland” since it’s magic right beside Him], and tender love. Let Him be our help through the darkness and lead us to a place that’s calm for the soul (because He is the One who got the map to paradise in our heart, on which ‘those golden dreams on the way to Heaven’ are listed).

    Having arrived there, any fear will have become trust.

  2. Kind of late “PS” 🙂

    If you’ve had bad luck in the past, or if you’ve never seen the sun so far away from life with Him – I promise you – soon you may thank the Lord for His love and you will grow stronger every new day.
    If you could just imagine that He does want to show you something sweet, your mind would surely crave for Him!

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