Do You Have a Good Reputation?

If you have a good reputation, with whom do you have it?  Do you have a good reputation with people…or with God?

Having a good reputation with people is of some value in this life.  Having a good reputation with God, however, is valuable not only in this life, but also in the life to come.  

Jesus says that if we seek a good reputation with God instead of with people, our faith will be much stronger.  Our faith is weak often precisely because we are preoccupied with impressing others with our righteousness.  True righteousness goes to the core.  It has to do with the fullness of our words and deeds, which includes all our motivations.  People cannot be adequate judges of a person’s righteousness because they cannot see the heart as God can.  A good liar can appear just as honest as an honest man – but not to God. 

Do not abandon your efforts to establish a good reputation.  Instead, re-direct that effort toward heaven.  God sees every single thing that you think, say, and do.  Jesus Christ is willing to be impressed by your life.  In fact, He longs for you to have a good reputation with Him.  When He lived as one of us, His reputation was mixed on earth but was sterling in heaven.  If you’re willing to have a mixed reputation on earth, you, too, can have an outstanding reputation in heaven with Him.  With what will you impress Him today?

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  1. You are so right on, Michael! Our reputations and character are all about pleasing Him. The overflow of our character allows us to be that epistle to others that they may see the Lord in me…..

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