Are You Ambitious?

Are you an ambitious person?  Are you able to mobilize yourself in pursuit of a goal?  If so, you can put that character trait to good use in learning more about Jesus and His righteousness.

We normally think of ambition in the context of worldly success, academic excellence, athletic achievement, or similar goals.  And, indeed, personal ambition is a critical element in all of these pursuits.  However, it is possible to employ that same ambition in pursuit of spiritual success, moral excellence, and true knowledge of God.  In fact, it is impossible to achieve spiritual success, moral excellence, or true knowledge of God without the inner focus and intensity that we call ambition.  In this case, however, we could call it holy ambition. 

Holy ambition is the subordination of all other interests to the single, supreme interest of pleasing God.  This was the ambition that fueled the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  He could have excelled at any field of endeavor He chose.  Instead, He ignored opportunities for worldly success so that He might please His Father in heaven.

We have the opportunity to imitate Jesus – to have a holy ambition for righteous (i.e. selfless, love-based) living like He did.  We can be ambitious to please Him just as He was to please God.  Therefore, don’t lose or suppress your ambition – just re-direct it.  Focus each day on doing what is right in His eyes.  You’re going to need strong ambition to maintain that focus.  That focus usually means being a better husband, wife, father, mother, worker, student, child, and so on.  Repent of worrying about what will bring you success in the eyes of people.  Instead, think only about what will bring you success in the eyes of God.  Stay ambitious about it!

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