Jesus Inspires Imitation

What a life of love Jesus lived!  He went about doing good.  He never expressed any concern for Himself.  He didn’t burden others with anything that bothered Him.  Instead, He just prayed about it.  He was always prepared to do things for others, and never needed anyone to do anything for Him.  Whenever someone did do something for Him, He received it graciously and gratefully.  Those who were closest to Him the last few years of His life marveled at how He maintained His composure and never lashed out even when He was being treated in the most unfair manner.  He never took into account a wrong suffered, and always acted in the best interests of others.  He was love personified.

Oh, how worthy of imitation His life was!  Who would not want to imitate it?  The good news is that imitation was exactly what He was intending to inspire.  And He lives today to help us in the pursuit of that imitation.  That is, if you are indeed wanting to imitate Him, know that you do not have to do so on your own.  We are actually commanded to imitate Him, which means that we have all the resources of God at our disposal to help us do exactly that.

Be sure not to tell anyone that you’re trying to imitate Him.  Some people would scoff.  Others would try to talk you out of it.  Don’t tell anyone what you’re trying to do, except Him.  Remember, He was only telling His Heavenly Father – He was not confiding such things in His friends.  Make that your first point of imitation: an exclusive relationship with Him.

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