Jesus Is the Accessible God

Jesus is not only invisible and approachable, He is also easily accessible.  That He is approachable means He is welcoming when we come to Him.  That He is accessible means that we can easily find ways to do the coming. 

Like any person, Jesus responds to the call of His name.  Unlike any person, He always hears whenever His name is spoken, or even thought.  Even when the person doing the calling is not expecting a response.  For example, it is so odd to see a person curse with the Lord’s name.  The Lord hears and would help, but the person who cursed does not even realize that he has called someone.  It’s as if you were in a room with Bob and Kevin.  Bob gets frustrated and blurts out, “Kevin!”  Then Kevin turns to Bob to see what he can do to help but Bob continues in his frustration alone because he’s so oblivious to Kevin’s presence in the room.  (Makes you wonder why he curses with Kevin’s name?)

Jesus’ invisibility actually makes Him more accessible to you.  Because He is invisible, there is no where you can go that you cannot access Him.  Even in a roomful of people who  vehemently deny His existence, you can exchange thoughts with Him in the privacy of your heart.  There is no time of day or night when He becomes inaccessible to you.  As long as you even think His name, you can make that connection.

Do not think of God as residing in special places like churches, altars, or shrines.  This will work against what you are trying to attain: a relationship with an omnipresent and accessible God.

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