Jesus Is the Approachable God

Jesus walked the earth as a man so that He could give Himself a “face” to all of us.  Before He was Jesus of Nazareth, God was approachable but human beings could not know or be sure of that.  Adam and Eve cringed in shame and hid from God because they lacked confidence that God would forgive them for their swift betrayal.  It was far beyond their imaginative abilities to conceive that God would ultimately live as a man and allow Himself to be scourged, spat upon, beaten, and crucified – all while uttering these words:  “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  

Jesus has therefore demonstrated by both His life and His death that He is completely approachable.  He is the “face” and “heart” of God. He’s even more than approachable because He implores us with the invitation, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden.”    Why then should we ever think of God as standoffish? 

Unbelief has hardened our minds and hearts so that we don’t think of Him as He is:  approachable.  One way to overcome this is to direct your thoughts toward Him on a personal basis.  Instead of  just thinking in a random stream of consciousness as you normally do, begin to direct those thoughts personally to Him as if you were in a conversation.  “Jesus, I’m confused.”  “Lord, can you help me understand this.”  And so on.  The more we act as if He is approachable, the more our mind and heart begin to accept and act in accordance with that reality.

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