Jesus Is the Invisible God

Jesus did walk the dusty roads of Palestine almost two thousand years ago.  He was born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, and ministered in Galilee.  He knew the human experience intimately, because He became one of us.  Through this earthly life which lasted a little over 30 years, we know His character.  His earthly life has long been over, but His character endures forever.

Before His earthly incarnation, Jesus was the invisible God.  Since His resurrection and ascension He has resumed His role as the invisible God which He will retain forever.

If you want to relate to Jesus today, you must acknowledge that He’s no longer visible as He was in Israel.  That shouldn’t be a problem, but some people do become hung up over it, looking for and hoping for a physical manifestation of Jesus.  If God has been gracious enough to manifest Himself to us once in the flesh, we should not be foolish enough to want Him to do it again and again as if it were some kind of magic trick by an interesting uncle (see the post Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again).  The manifestation of Himself that He gave was a holy performance worthy of the ages and it will be studied throughout eternity by those who want to know Him and want to know righteousness.

Yes, Jesus is invisible today and this is how we must accept Him.  It is to our great advantage that He is invisible though we must train our minds to relate to Him on this basis.  We live in a world where things “out of sight [are] out of mind.”  We must deprogram our adult minds to be like our childhood minds which had no problem accepting the invisible (see the post Practicing the Presence of God).

Practice now.  Practice all day.  Jesus is near to all those who call upon Him.  Because He’s invisible, you can’t see Him come near.  But by your faith in Him, you can know He’s come near.

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