Decisions for Christ

You have probably had someone ask you if you’ve ever made “a decision for Christ.”  Or perhaps you know someone who says they have made “a decision for Christ.”  These statements imply that life gives us the opportunity to make a once-in-a-lifetime decision for or against Christ.  The decision we make determines the course of our eternity, so the thinking goes.

This is faulty thinking.  It is not that life presents us an opportunity to make a decision for Christ.  Rather, it is that each day offers us many opportunities to make decisions for Christ.  All day long we have the opportunity to be selfish or selfless, hard-hearted or kind, stingy or generous, forgiving or unforgiving, and so on.  If we wish to please Him, these are the many decisions we make for Him. 

It’s not as though we can make one decision for life and that’s what’s He’s looking for.  For one thing, we are all going to heaven and there’s no decision you can make that will alter that.  Therefore, cast aside that way of thinking that has Jesus just interested in one decision from you.  Recognize that each new day is an opportunity to decide for Him, all day long.

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