Jesus Is the Beginning and End of Faith

After you’ve had an introduction to Jesus, where do you go for more mature teaching on faith?  To the same place.  Jesus is not just the elementary teaching that we need – He is the advanced training and higher education that we need.

How do you mature in your knowledge of Jesus?  In the same way that you came to know Him: the simplicity of an open heart.

There is much more to Him than we have ever realized.  There are depths within Himself to which He can take us.  This is heart-to-heart training – our hearts open before His heart.  He pours the righteousness of His heart daily into our hearts.

Where else can we go for this more mature understanding of Him – to seminary?  Hardly.  Seminary is an academic institution like any other: textbooks, lectures, and tests.  The study of Jesus, by contrast, is a thought by thought exchange between a human being and his God.  This takes place in quiet moments of one-on-one.

Can we go to church for it?  Church is more of a social experience with a few words about Jesus thrown in. 

Go to Jesus.  Know that He wants to teach you about right and wrong, about good and evil.  He wants you to be morally improved today over what you were yesterday.  If you submit to this kind of schooling day after day, it won’t be long until you appear to others as a very different person.  More importantly, you will be a person that you like a lot more.

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