No Other Foundation

There is no other foundation for our faith than the God-Man Jesus Christ.

Through Him, we see the nature of God acted out through a human life. Whatever worries we had about the inner motivations and character of God were completely removed by the way that Jesus of Nazareth lived and died.  He was gracious, compassionate, generous, loving, and much more.  He was honest and courageous and resolute.  He was every wonderful thing a human being could possibly be!

When He was raised from the dead, He re-took His rightful place in the heavens, far above all things.  We can know what motivates Him there because we saw what motivated Him here. 

If you want to grow your faith in God, start nowhere else but on the foundation of faith itself: our Lord Jesus Christ.  Relate to God the Father as if He were Jesus…because He is.

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