God Has Walked More Than a Mile in Our Shoes

No one can accurately say, “God doesn’t know how I feel.”  For one thing, God is omniscient so there can be no experience you have of which He is not fully aware.  Even beyond that, however, God has sensitized Himself to our experience by walking the earth as one of us.  In Jesus of Nazareth, He walked the earth with all the limitations of human flesh.

God sent His Son to experience these things, but we now know that God was the Son.  There was no degree of separation between Him and the temptations which you and I face.  He’s been on our side looking up.  No one can accuse Him of being aloof.  He did not send someone else to do His job.  No one else could have done it.

I say that He’s walked more than a mile in our shoes because He faced all these temptations without giving in to a one of them.  The devil is not creative.  The temptations we face come from a common set (e.g. money, power, sex, greed, etc.).  Jesus faced them all – the same ones pressed on you and me.  And He never yielded.  Never.

To prohibit Himself from indulging in even a single act of personal pleasure-seeking was more than the mile He asks us to walk.  While He does not want us to sin, He will not exclude any of us from heaven if we give in.  And all of us have given in at one time or another.  No one else has ever lived the sinless life that He did. 

The next time you’re tempted to feel that God doesn’t care about what you’re going through (there’s an example of a common temptation), resist that temptation.  He’s been where you’ve been, and He did not yield to the tempter.  Neither then do you have to yield.  You can walk farther than you thought.

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