In Pursuit of Moral Pleasure

Not all pleasure is sensual.  There is a pleasure associated with the pursuit of righteousness.  You can think of righteousness as morality, moral excellence, virtue, or any other synonym.  We can call this kind of pleasure “moral pleasure.”

Moral pleasure is what God feels when He does the right thing – which is anything He does, because He always does the right thing.  Moral pleasure is what you feel when you do the right thing.  You’ll feel it after a spontaneous act of kindness.  It’s a “rush” in your soul, which is God’s way of saying to you, “Way to go!” 

God did not create us so that we could have these feelings occasionally.  He created us to have a steady flow of them as we live righteously from one day to the next, all day long each day.  Does this seem to hard to attain?  Apply the same ardor to this pursuit as you have applied to the pursuit of sensual pleasure and see.

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