You Have an Exciting Future

You have an exciting future.  Are you preparing for it?

You are going to heaven when you die.  You will be living with God.  You’ll be like an angel – that is, you’ll never die again.  For this reason, you’ll be neither male nor female because there will be no need for procreation in a world that has no death.  God planned all this for us.  There’s nothing we did to earn this.  He’s granted us this future out of the generosity of His heart.  The question is, “What are you doing to prepare for it?’

As you have brought nothing into this world, so you will be taking nothing out of it.  You will not be taking your house, your car, your bank account, your clothes, or anything else that can be touched or felt.  You won’t even be taking your body, for God will give you a new one.  

There is but one thing you will take from this world to the next: the memory of how you lived.

What sort of memory treasure are you building up for yourself to enjoy in the world to come?

I do not pray that you will enter heaven when you die because that is already assured.  I pray that you will not enter heaven with a mind filled with regrets.   If you think that might be the case, start this day to replace those regrets with repentance.

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